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I will you down! & make u love it after ur PINNED! :)~ come take a RIDE ON MY SLIP -N- SLIDE
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WRSTLEMYMTN2007 Male 45 Gay Fuck Buddy
Simple MAN from Arkansas and I am not the typical from this STATE no offense. GO HOGS! I am obviously a HUGE RAZORBACK FAN! Anyway I also love my COWBOYS! GO BOIS! I am a down to earth man with an average stocky, moderately hairy body. I am very tan as I am 1/16 CHEROKEE INDIAN! Thanks Grandma! I love all sports and all types of outdoor activiities from camping to fishing, and sking. I am a CORN FED, MEAT & POTATOE KINDA GUY! WOOF to all YOU HOT BEAR men out there! PEACE & HUGS -n- KISSES ALWAYS! HIT me up if any of this interests you! )
Conway Arkansas

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